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My interest in photography started a number of decades ago, back in my college days. I’ve always been a very visual person, finding that the use of images was a critical part of the communication process. This orientation became a large part of my career while in corporate life, regardless of the industry with which I became involved.


When I was presented with an opportunity to venture out on my own, I suppose it was of no surprise that creating visual communications for clients became an important part of my service offering.


At Thomas-Ritt Associates Limited we pride ourselves on providing clients with high quality, cost effective photography and videography services. All of our imaging equipment has been selected carefully to enable us to cover a wide range of subjects for our clients including:


  • corporate and product still images and videos
  • safety videos
  • sales training and customer service training videos
  • customized safety, wellness and environmental posters


Our in-house printing service, utilizing a professional-grade HP Z3200 24” 12-colour photographic printer, enables us to provide fast turnaround for our clients.


To help ensure cost effective solutions for our clients all of our imaging and videography equipment is lightweight and portable which eliminates the high costs associated with having to bring a multiple person crew on-site.


Contact Information:

You can contact me by email: tom at tomstirr dot com

Telephone: nine-zero-five-three-zero-nine-five-four-three-one

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